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Our experienced, transdisciplinary team combines scientific, strategic, and design techniques to deliver results at all levels of analytical maturity.


Our core competency is scientific problem solving and innovation in the context of your company’s unique goals and needs.  While this typically involves delivery of custom analytical tools, Control Enter also provides broader strategic, process, organizational, and roadmapping solutions and manages all required technology interactions as a single point of contact.





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We can begin helping you at any point in your journey, from designing a new analysis to managing a suite of existing solutions in new ways. Focusing on strategic relevance and resilience, our core practices include speed of delivery, iterative design, leverage of existing tools, and continuous improvement. We can start adding value at any level of strategy, solution, or support where you choose to engage us.

Many companies face challenges with siloed business and technology functions and are overwhelmed by the variety of methods and tools at their disposal. Our comprehensive taxonomy of scientific, technology, and management techniques helps us focus on your business needs and assemble the right components into a relevant and holistic solution.

Our team is composed of T-shaped talent: each individual has proven solution-oriented and cross-functional expertise in addition to expertise in specific disciplines. The mix of skills is tailored to each project, ensuring objective, comprehensive, and effective solution-building. We also hire selectively for industry experience.  You can read more about our industry coverage here.

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Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar has 24+ years of experience working with world leaders such as AT&T, Telcordia Technologies, TWA, T-Systems International, and unicorn startups like Ola Cabs. He has successfully managed global client relationships, global networks & operations, and building large teams. He is also a cofounder of a predictive analytics startup which was successfully acquired.

Caroline Conway

Caroline is Control Enter's Founder & CEO. She has 15+ years of consulting experience including building and leading Walmart's internal consulting team, which delivered scientific solutions to all functions and locations across the company. She holds degrees in design, business, and natural sciences and brings a multidisciplinary perspective to the team.


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